Ron McLuckie

Organizational Development

A Management Consultant, Coach, Entrepreneur, Psychologist, Business Leader and one of only 11 Masters of Action Learning, Ron is an explorer at heart. He is a global citizen, having worked extensively in South Africa, Middle East, New Zealand, USA, Australia, Europe and East Africa. Now, he’s made his way to India as a member of TC Global’s Executive Team.

Ron has come on board as a key consultant supporting the leadership on the journey to take us into the future. His core strength is discovering and designing powerful new ways to develop individual, team and organizational capability. Ron doesn’t hold back; he is always eager to explore new possibilities for the organisation, which will break new ground in the industry.

He has a knack for challenging people to get out of their comfort zones. He enjoys encouraging and helping young people achieve dreams that are beyond their imagination. He helps them push their boundaries by supporting the TC Global career guidance, psychometric and relationship management initiatives. He is also a frequent guest speaker at various international conferences.

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