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Psychometrics are ideal for


Who need clarity and guidance In making career decisions, Use CMAP+ assessment to scientifically align personal attributes with appropriate career

Working professionals

Early 8, mid-career, committed to re-invent their careers. take on new challenges and achieve more.


Striving to make "best fit" talent decisions and learning strategies. Draw from over 25 Psytech assessments to guide people initiatives.

Core benefits

"Best fit" selection decisions

"Best fit" is not notional any more. Make your selection effective and efficient with psychometric assessments that match your interests and career aspirations.

360 performance reviews

Assess your capability against nine leadership competencies that research indicate to be important indicators workspace performance.

Focused Learning and Development

Psychometric assessments provide valuable objective data and insights for planning relevant personal and professional development initiatives. Importantly, this

We can help you prepare fore

Career Guidance
for Students (CMAP+)

An ideal assessment for vocational guidance and career planning. Identify top career interests, understand critical personality factors and gain insight on reasoning capability. Receive feedback on ideal careers & roles.


range of leading edge assessments fro identification, selection& development of gist century leadership talent. Products include 15F0+, OPPro, WO -feedback and others


A range of assessments that facilitate formation of well balanced, high performance teams as well as the assessment of individual teem role functioning. Products include the Jung Type Indicator (JTI) and others

& Customer Service

Two popular assessments that are successfully applied for the selection end future development of high performance people in both soles and customer service role, Assessments include Service Roles. and, Sales Roles

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