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Action Learning is for those who aim to:

Students who did not do well in Grade 12
exams and want a second chance

Students with
financial constraint

Students with gap
in their education

Students who ore looking for a strong Business
or Engineering undergraduate degree

Students who are open to exploring wider
opportunities in Global Ed

Students who missed out
on application deadlines

With our programme you will

English Language for Higher Ed

Students planning for overseas education need to take an English language test (IELTS or PTE) that approves their proficiency. A valid English Language score helps you going admission to institutions abroad.

English Language for Working Abroad

IELTS is the world's top English language evaluation, acknowledged by employers and professional bodies from English-speaking counties globally and also some universities in non-English speaking countries require

English Language for Immigration

Connects you with the best-fit program through personalized program recommendations. Connects you with the best-fit program through personalized program recommendations.

Our solutions

Why work with TC Global Learning
for Action Learning
& Leadership Development?

Solve complex challenges with Action Learning

Collaborate, question and access collective genius to solve real, urgent and important problems with innovative solutions that last and improve results.

Develop 21st Century Leadership Skills

Become more self-aware as you work towards developing the critical leadership skills that help you lead and engage the workforce of the future and drive superior performance.

Train as a globally certified Action Learning Coach

Avail the opportunity to enhance personal communication, influencing and impact skills and the ability to successfully coach Action Learning problem-solving sessions in any situation.

A world
of possibilities awaits.
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Find your perfect university,
in one of 40 countries all over the world
Prepare for the future,
whether at university, business or in employment
Secure your future,
through smart, international investments
Connect with leading international companies
and unlock the potential of your team
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