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UK Virtual Ed Interaction

The Virtual Ed Interaction: the UK, powered by TC Global, is a destination-specific virtual event, allowing you to discover and access the latest developments in the UK Higher Ed landscape. This free, interactive platform allows students, parents and our extensive network of Global Ed and Learning Partners to connect directly.

The UK’s world-famous Higher Ed sector and new Graduate Immigration Route make it a door to your future. So don’t waste your time waiting around, take your moment to grab this opportunity, stay ahead of the curve and start your Global Ed Journey to the UK!

Join us to:

  • Interact virtually and directly with delegates from reputable UK Universities
  • Avail exclusive opportunities for Spot Offers, Application Fee and English Language Waivers* and Scholarships
  • Discover information and answers on:
    • In-depth program details
    • The status of upcoming intakes
    • International student support and safety precautions
    • Study Options
    • Post-study Work Options
  • Gain clarity on your programme, your future Ed experience and what to expect
Time: 03:30 PM- 06:00 PM

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